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Wealth Planning & Estate Protection

Helping people is our passion, so your personal well-being and financial future are important to us. We will work together to understand your needs, which are unique to your lifestyle and your stage of life and career. Whether you're just starting out, preparing for an acquisition or sale, or somewhere in between, we can tailor personal and corporate insurance and investment strategies to protect your loved ones and your business.


No matter where you are in the lifespan of your business, we can develop a strategy to protect everything that matters to you-from your loved ones to your business partners and your legacy. As a brokerage firm, we have access to products from every major Canadian Insurance company. We can present a variety of options to ensure you end up with the best fit for your unique situation. In the event of an accident, illness or death, we'll help prepare you for anything that comes your way.

Start Up

There are endless things to consider when starting a business, and proper insurance is one of them. We can help you ensure your family continues to live the lifestyle they're accustomed to and your business lives on, in the event of your untimely death.


As your business grows, you'll want to protect the value of your shares in the event you become disabled, ill, or pass away. We can also show you tax-efficient ways to invest your retained earnings. Our out-of-the-box solutions will help keep your money working for you.

Maturity & Succession

Whether you're grooming your next-in-line or recruiting young talent to take over, you'll need an exit strategy. You'll want to maximize the value of your business while minimizing the tax you incur in the sale. Our unbiased, expert team can help identify the right products to meet your exact needs.

Our Process

You've worked hard to reach your current level of financial success. Let us help you identify and develop your insurance and risk management strategy to protect your nest egg and estate. We're backed by a team of industry leading experts who offer an unbiased opinion to help protect your legacy, make sure your loved ones are looked after, and establish tax-efficient philanthropic giving.

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